Saturday, 20 October 2012

yes..another make up post

i swear im not going to turn into a make up blog but i have had so much fashion running around in my little head for a while i wanted a change,i also have some hair things i wanted to do,what would you like me to do?

this is just a little haul of what i got today,and when i say little,i mean little!
all from superdug.

Nail Polish : Miss Sporty £!.99,how pretty is this! i cant wait to wear with the tons of different colours!

mascara gain from Miss Sport and was something like £2.99- i have been looking for a new mascara that gives my lashes volume and this might just be it,i have only used two coats in these pictures and they already look so good! cant wait to see how this turns out.
so the foundation i talked about in my last weekend wishlist post,i finally got after a week of stealing foundation from my sister (sorry sis!) i got a new one and im so so excited to try this!

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