Sunday, 21 October 2012

Weekend wish list

1.i have been seeing these colour of jeans every where and i have been really lusting them,i think they would
 just be so cute! cream jumpers,navy duffel coat, brogues,tooo cute!

2-- chelsea boots,we have all seen them,everyone and their mum has them but honselty i still love them and they are such a key shoes for every girl off all ages! theses ones are cute and a tiny bit different from the ones  with the material in the middle,you know the ones im talking about..

3- HOW NICE IS THIS COAT,fur,leather,tweed,im my eyes perfect! but with an £85 price tag its a bit far of my reach weep weep :( but i still love it.

4- Real Techniques Expert Face Brush- i have heard so much about these brushes and im dying to try one! i would just use the brust for everything,foundation,powder,bronzer,blusher etc etc.

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