Monday, 22 October 2012

foggy mornings

coat : primark
jumper: new look
jeans/boots/necklace : primark
bag: vintage aka my mumma's

oh hello monday morning! how are we all today?
today i went to college with £10's,now i have about 20 pence..good one victoria,i did buy a nice top from primark though but still that was meant to last me until wednesday...oopps

today was a throw on outfit as i woke up half an hour before i was meant to leave the house,even though i start at 11 i still cant seem to get myself up on time,damm you bed for being so comfy!

more tomorrow!


  1. Lovely blog! :) I am from Belfast too, always nice to meet other Northern Irish bloggers. Catherine xo

    1. Thank you! yeah i love finding people from Northern Ireland, you're from FABB! thats where i knew your wee picture from! im a member too :)