Tuesday, 30 October 2012


i love autumn always have always will,i love the colours and the way it makes you feel,you know the year is almost over and the winter holidays draws near,you can feel the excitement but you can also feel the linger of summer as the last rays of sun try and get through,its a great time of year.

i like autumn okay?
there is no real photos of my outfit,i seem to be un-photogenic today :(
im wearing (not that you can see) duffel coat out of primark,green top again out of primark,skirt out of zara and my shoes are from asos.

its the weekend and my Halloween holidays not that im going to be doing anything exciting..expect maybe some DIY,will be blogged about dont worry!

this post was done on friday but them my mum's family came over and have been staying over the weekend,lets just say that i haven't had two minutes to myself,booo :( for the first time in years i was sick last night,like throwing up..tmi? not good,it sucks being ill!


  1. I am imagining things, or did you change your header? Either way, I love it.


    1. I did! I felt my other one didn't fit into my the theme of my blog! Thank you!
      Victoria xx