Saturday, 3 November 2012

thats the house telling you to close your eyes

cardigin : new look (so old)
top: primark
disco pants : miss glam
shoes: asos

although you cant see,i am wearing disco pant leggings,the ones that look like this  and they are the bomb! they are so comfy and i love them! you might get sick of seeing them.

so you might have noticed i havent been really posting over the past two weeks or so because well i havent really been feeling bloggin' but i am ready to get back!

the bottom picture is not today's outfit it was from last night,i just put it in there because it was a close up of the pants but every one and their granny knows what they are! even my boyfriend said,did i get disco pants...schocking right? 


  1. Great Cardi!

    Jess xo

    P.s. I have a new outfit up! visit me sometime? xo