Saturday, 20 October 2012

the berry lip

so autumn is warm tones season for your colour on your face and why not? its such a pretty season with all the changing colours and leaves falling and what have you.

i've had this lipstick for about a year now,i bought it waaay back when 'black' lipstick was in fashion,i never wore it,i promise.

this is seriously good! for £1.99 i think(dont hold me to that) this is brilliant  its such a great colour and you can mix it up with reds which i love to do! because that adds another depth of colour to it and you can mix it with anything!
the colour stay is pretty good also,it lasts about 3-4 hrs which is pretty good,it kind of stains your lips but not in the way you wouldn't want it too. The feel of it on your lips is creamy but not to creamy (whaatt?) it doesnt feel like a lip gloss or it inst hard to apply,it doesnt stick to your lips.

on the photos here,it looks quite a light colour but you can apply so you can have a darker or a lighter shade of berry which is nice if you aren't that big of a lip wearer,im still trying to get away from the nude lip.

im pretty bad at explaining beauty but go and try this for yourself!

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