Tuesday, 4 September 2012

i have a love hate relationship with you

 shoes - asos 

i got these shoes for my birthday at the end of may and i have a love/hate relationship with them
you can achieve a sporty look without having to wear tracksuits (yuck) 
they give you a bit of height without wearing heels or too dressed up
they look good with anything

my poor wee feet get wrecked every time i wear them longer for an hour.

these shoes are great if you just want to run to the shops to buy some milk or get a paper but not a full day of shopping or walking long distances.
i have woren them maybe 5 or six times and every time i do my feet are red raw! maybe they just need breaking in but i cant even start to imagine if i had wore these all day what my feet would be like! 

overall i do love these shoes but i seriously cant walk for a day after if i wear them for a long period time which annoys me because there were expensive for me and i want to get my moneys worth out of them.
i am determined to make these shoes comfortable! i want to wear them everyday but i sometimes forget about them because they are feet killers. 


  1. I think i have a love hate relationship with all my shoes x

  2. ohh defiantly! i love shoes but there is always a hunt for comfort and style! xx