Monday, 3 September 2012

take everything you know

jumper,top, clutch, bracelets,shoes -primark
jeans- H&M

woaw primark you do well out of me..90% of  my clothes is primark...
so im actually not doing anything today but i like to get dresses and make an effort because i feel like i have done well today by getting dressed
i do want to try and tidy out my room and yes i have been saying this for WEEKS but i just dont want to start it but as college draws near i need to get it done! so i think i might clear out my drawers today and give all my old clothes to a charity shop.

i bought this jumper yesterday in Galway and its a size 14 and its still 'neat' on my im normally a size 12 in jumpers as i like them bigger and cosier..(that's not a word) i dunno primark what are you doing to me also in this post,i have mentioned about wanting a pencil skirt well primark does them in red,blue, hounds tooth but black NO,idk they skipped that colour or something.
my go to colour is black whenever im not sure of something,all black outfit on day,i would have black hair if it didn't look silly on me,black is my safe colour.

more tomorrow or maybe tonight!

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