Tuesday, 4 September 2012

had i known you all my life

i look cross-eyed omg
jacket - topshop 
shoes- new look 
everything - primark 

today i am going to the dentist..the one who deals with braces,im not getting braces,ive been there bought that shirt (even though my teeth are horrible) im just going to a check up or something..that should be fun.
this is one of my scarf's i bought on Sunday from penneys in Galway and i do like it..even if its a bit dark and its nothing on my asos tartan scarf ,the material is a bit weird.. its like starchy and rough,it just feels like primark if you can 'feel' primark haha
i also got this top on sunday,i have the same one in purple but for some reason it was more expensive and the peplum is longer but anyways i like this one better! and its black!

*please excuse this bit,but read it if you like,im just thinking*

do you ever feel like you are wasting your life? like people your age or even younger are achieving something greater than you and you are falling behind your generation? i feel like constantly im surrounded by people especially girls my age who have do all these great things and im here..stuck in my own world,maybe it was my parents for being so strict with me or myself for having no confidence to do simple tasks like ask some one for directions,i would rather walk around lost that ask someone,maybe because i like being independent or i have to much pride to say that im wrong or the biggest thing of all that is i care to much what people think of me and that holds me back.

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