Thursday, 6 September 2012

cos im ill and i stood outside for 20 mintues to take these photos

yes i am that dedicated.

coat: primark
top: topshop (old)
jeans : new look
shoes : topshop (old)
snood : primark
nails : models own hed kandi hedonist

first off two things,im sorry about how my face looks,okay i have been ill for the last two days and second of this is the back of my house and i have a tripod now! thank you lidl!

i had like 12 photos and i was all happy with myself and then i uploaded them and started editing..ohh hell no,my face seems to not like my camera or my body.

so i have the cold/flu that my sister gave me..thanks sis!
i dont really know what to say today as my mind is just blanking every time,hopefully i will be better by tomorrow!

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