Friday, 7 September 2012

eyes of the day

i never ever were eye shadow unless its this one but that's about it but today i took a step forward..i wore a bronzed eye shadow and i liked it.
*waits for applause*  
please dont ask how i did it because i have no idea or what colours i used,some old christmas present palette but basically i used a light gold,a slightly darker and a dark one and well you can look up youtube  tutorials of how i did it.

sorry about my nose,its horrible i know

im going to dublin tomorrow so i wont be posting until sunday and i'll i will have a post on that and an outfit AND maybe a wishlist post,bet you are all looking forward to that! 

now im away to make nachos with my boyfriend! ciao,more tomorrow! 


  1. I wish I had the balls to wear full on eye makeup like that! Looks great on you x

    1. ohh i never wear stuff like this! im a eye liner and mascara girl so i felt naked with out on hahah! thank you lovely! xx