Saturday, 8 September 2012

dublin man

today i was in Dublin because my dad was working there and my mum and i went down before i start college,i have ONE day of summer left :( and i have loadsss to do!
anyways Dublin,i went a little bit crazzy in topshop but i used my student discount card! yay yay,although one little thing,i bought a skirt and the topshop girls left the security tag on and i was walking around with it all day,no wonder the alarm went off twice! and i had to cut through my skirt (accidently of course) so now i have a whole at the back of my skirt,thank god it is at the back!

when im in Dublin there is always a thought that races through my head,what if i see anouska (check her blog out,im inlove with it) i dont know really what i would do if i saw a blogger in real life,what would you do?
these are just a little selection of photos i took today,i hate getting my camera out when im out for the day as i feel like a tourist hahah but im going to have to over come those fears! 

i have a series of outfit posts i am thinking of doing,im just wondering if im ever going to get time! more tomorrow

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