Sunday, 9 September 2012

last day of summer

 top- H&M, DIY
jacket- primark
skirt - topshop
shoes - faith (gift)
accessories -primark

so remember that skirk i was talking about for months and i constantly had it on my mind well yestarday in dublin,i bit the bullet and bought it and i am sooo pleased with it! im in love,apart from what i mentioned in this post.

i start college tomorrow which im scared yet excited but still scared,where i went to school there was only three buses i could get to go back and forth,one at 8am,1pm and 4pm and now i can get buses every half an hour and buses to where my boyfriend lives from college and im still getting used to that idea in my head.

my posts might be less often now,im going to start taking photos in the morning before college and then upload them at night,so this is my new background..hi.

now im going to get my washing done,yay!

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