Saturday, 29 September 2012


i couldn't think of a title so have the might have forgotten it

wind and my face DOES NOT GO

dress : zara (old)
jacket : primark 
scarf: primark 
shoes : asos 
necklace : topshop 

so its the weekend and boy am i glad! im knackered and all i want to do is sleep and watch tv! i went to do a wee bit of shopping with mumma but primark is awful on a saturday and i really do take my hat off to the primark staff SO MANY CRYING BABIES

super causal outfit and i can see myself wearing this to college as its pretty comfy! maybe minus the shoes,they aren't the best to walk in,they dont hurt my feet any more yay! but its hard to walk in them,they aren't like walking in wedges or heels..its strange.

and im outside today..who missed it? my pictures are waaay better quality and it just looks so much better and you usually see my back garden and today you saw my house..well part of it,thanks tripod.

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