Wednesday, 26 September 2012

You don't understand the damage you've done now

first off,can everyone take a second to listen to Labrinth's new song 'Treatment'

now for the photos

jacket : zara
top : primark
jeans : primark
boots: primark
bag : ebay 

apart from taking a look at labrinth's new song that i am OBSESSED with,look at my new bag!!of ebay for a mere £13.52!
its that perfect mix of blue and green,it goes with everything and brightens up my other wise all black outfits and its massive! you saw clips of it in yesterdays post
i do love it,there is two compartments in it, in the front bit i can fit my personal stuff like my purse,make up and other girly stuff and in the back one i can put college stuff in which makes my life soo much easier! because before it was all together and i was for ever trying to find stuff in my bag and couldn't.

so the awful has gone and there is actually sun! yay i do like the weather when its sunny yet still cold you can get away with a lot less layers! i really do need to stock up on some warm jumpers,there is a couple from topshop i have my eye on...moneymoneymoney i need you.

more tomorrow!

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