Sunday, 30 September 2012

remember these shoes?

remember these? the shoes i wore all the time,went with everything! so comfy,favourite pair ever!
well do you want to know where they are now? on a window sill at the back of my house..because they stink and no not because my feet smell,i do wash regualry.
they smell because of the material,rain water and having deodorant& perfume sprayed on the,nothing can over up the smell and i am UPSET,i loved these and i miss them so much.

why not pop on down to primark and buy a new pair i hear you say..well i would but they dont sell them in primark because i got them in Penny's in Dublin and every time i go in primark which is daily now im in belfast every day i check but there isnt ever a pair like these and it does make me sad because they are really lovely.

i know new look is doing a pair smillar but i dont like them as much i did these ones,i think i might just have to carry on living with out them..sob sob

does anyone have any tips to help stinky shoes,ive tired putting them in a washing machine but that doesnt work either  HELP

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