Friday, 10 August 2012

weekend wishlist

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is that colour you see? haha 

i wont be doing an outfit post today as i can barely move and it hurts to even move!! my arms,back and feet are sooo sore :( but yestarday shopping was good.

on to the actual post

1.these zara shoes are soo pretty,they would look perfect with any outfit!

2. I NEED THIS SCARF IN MY LIFE IM SERIOUS,the shop is owned by an idol of mine aka  Audrey Rogersaka Frassy,this scarf is so beautiful and prefect for my current obsession with scarf's! and its the perfect lenght and £12.50 soooooo perfect,the only down side...its out of stock :( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah but when it comes back in stock,i will have it and you will all get sick of seeing on me.

3. they may look cheap but boy they aren't,yeah the red is a tiny bit 'chavy' but in real life the are lovely and they come in black if  you don't feel as adventurous.

i dont really know if i like these sort of posts i never know what to say or do with them,what do you all think? 

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