Sunday, 12 August 2012


so i said i wouldn't do an outfit post and well i sorts
i got some new jewellry yesterday and im in love with them all!

ear cuffs - river island 

spike bracelets - primark 

set of three rings - river island

first too the ear cuffs,I LOVE THESE SOO MUCH OHMYGOD  i cant wait to wear them everyday,my dad doesn't let myself and my sister get our ears pierced so these are a great alternative..although he wasn't so keen on these too.

the rings out of river island were only £2!! like seriously you wouldn't even get that in primark! buy them all of you.

the spiked bracelets are something that caught my eye,they are a little annoying and have left my arm a little green :( but them what did i expect off primark?

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