Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Style Outside The Box

So today i got emailed about this by a very lovely girl about a website called Style Outside The Box  where i get to pick 3-5 products and blog about them,which excited me so much that i just had to do it straight away! 

Bar Code Colorful Wall Art

imagaine these on a white wall,how cool would they look! i think they are amazing! 

how cute is this! you know all the collar necklaces you see in H&M, Topshop etc etc well this would be my version of it.

this ring reminds me of the YSL Arty rings which i would die for! the colour is sooo pretty too and i know for a fact my sister would be stealing this on me! 

Red Poppys Coptic Journal

Im one of those people who LOVE writing this down and as a kid i had about 6 different pencil cases for one school year and i always had a pretty little writing book with me wherever i went.
i guess im one of those people who love stationary and this is so cute.

There are so many more,there is the funniest cards ever on the website which are all handmade and ohmygosh! i would love to get one in the post!

i hope you all have enjoyed this as its something different and im very excited about doing it.

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