Tuesday, 14 August 2012

im still alive while the other ones breathing

top - vintage
jeans& shoes - primark 

two different locations today,one was in my back garden (like usual) and the second was a tiny bit down from my house,it is an entrance to a field,oh how i love living on a farm!

the shoes i have on,i bought on saturday in Penny's(thats what they call it in Ireland) or Primark if you are from the UK, they are so cute and they are quite comfortable,they are also doing them in black,green and red which i might have to get,i definitely need to get the black pair as my new look ones are ruined and im quite liking the idea of a green pair mmmm

my dog is called squeak and i think i have mentioned him before and had a wee photo in but he is the cutest thing ever,i do have another dog called badger but he is camera shy ahhaha.

today im really in the mood for blogging and baking..could this be my new thing? i was meant to try and tidy my room but i really cant be bothered,i might do a tiny tiny bit today.

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