Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo -review

so i may be a bit late on the band wagon with this but i have had this for ages..i bought it with my birthday money i think.

i usually wear this when i have eye liner and this as my base but lately i have just been wearing on its own and i have worn it as eye liner before and they all work just as good. this does last 24hr for sure,i really do like this product,i do want to get another colour like On &On Bronzer ,i think this would look really pretty with shimmery bronzer and a dewy foundation, almost like a bronzed goddess *cringe*.

overall i really do like this,it stays on for a long time and im not the sort of person that does a lot of eye shadows,i probably have about 5 in my whole make-up collection but the simple fact is that i don't really suit eye shadow but this one i like and i will be buying again.
the only one wee tiny thing i think that is wrong with it,is that the writing on the glass pot has worn off on mine and that annoys me a little.

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