Friday, 3 August 2012

so hi

i have gained a couple of new followers today and im so happy! thank you very much and i hope you enjoy my blog.
i thought i might do something different as today i didn't really feel like getting dressed or putting make up on,i dont know im just sad that something's are moving on and even though i say i like change,deep down i don't.
so here i am going to tell you some things about myself! i hope you like! 

What would you name your children?Scarlett, Thomas and nyah 

Do you participate in any sports?
horse riding and swimming

Favourite book?
the one i posted about Water for Elephants  and fashion books 

Favourite colour?
mmmmmm i probably should say black as i wear LOTS of it but i like neons 
Favourite animal?
Favourite perfume?
Daisy by Marc Jacobs or a little Next one i got a couple of years ago for christmas,smells gorge 
Have you graduated high school?
crap..this is american,but i have finished my last year as a pupil,idk emm im going to college or sixth form in September 

Have you ever been out of the country?
im just back Italy and ive been to France and Portugal 

Do you speak any other languages?
ohh lord,i learnt french through school but i couldn't speak a word now

Do you have any siblings?

Yes, i have one older sister who is 18 and i posted about in my last post 

What's your favourite store?
i like Zara a lot more now and Asos is good

Favourite restaurant?
is starbucks one?? but 
Do you like school?
no i hated every minute of it.

Favourite movie?
ohh gosh,i have loads... devil wears prada,the september issue(my go-to when im ill) definitely maybe,happy go sure there is loads more but they are the ones that come to mind 

Favourite TV Show?Made in chelsea,any reality tv shows,real housewives of new york city 

PC or Mac?
PC,would love a mac though
What phone do you have?
Blackberry torch 9860,people hate blackberries but i love mine 

How tall are you?

i hope you have enjoyed this or just though it was silly but hey! you know a couple of things about the girl behind this blog.


  1. I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs too! and I love neon colours <3

    1. it smells so good! and yay fro neon colours! hahaha

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