Saturday, 4 August 2012

and all the other boys try to chase me

 shirt- vintage
skirt- zara
scarf- primark
shoes - river island(old) 

So today or well later im going out with my boyfriend,weird how this time last week i was at still in Italy and had just seen the leaning tower of Pisa

This outfit is pretty simple,black,black,black and then neon,i love this scarf and have done from the day i bought it.
You can probably see that im not wearing a lot of make up,well thats because i really cant be brothered any more,i went 2 weeks without and the effort of putting it on now is just exhausting and well another reason that most of my make-up has run out and im in dire need of money for new clothes and make-up.

Also you can probably see in these photos that my hair is the weirdest colour,its not red,its not brown its sort of ginger which is delightful,im growing my colour out so thats why it is such an awful colour.

i am just talking crap right now,ohmydays

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