Sunday, 5 August 2012

weekend wishlist #4

1. you have probably seen  this on tv but as sound as i heard it i was like I NEED THIS

2. these are a pair of  AA dicso pant dupes,well thats what they say,i dont think they are,when i think of AA disco pant dupes i think of the ones with the button at the front and the pockets at the back,theses are more of leggings than pants. I WANT A PAIR OF AA DISCO PANTS BUT I CANT AFFORD THEM.

3. so im probably late on the trend,yes i have known about these for quite some while and like the rest of the world wanted a pair but now i really do want a pair even though the leather look ones are out of stock on topshop,they just have the canvas ones which im not too fond of - photo found on google but its from LUCYBOOTS  who has the cutest header ever!! 

a little weekend wish list,i probably want much more than this but these are the ones that stick out in my head.

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