Thursday, 9 August 2012

neon neon neon

jacket: zara
jeans,top,scarf: primark
bag & shoes : new look

so this is what my hair looks like down,it went from this to this. Today im going out with la bf to get his friend a present and also to get a starbucks and a cheeky mcdonalds...mmm cant wait!

I do actually quite like this outfit,i like how the top looks with my scarf and how the scarf and the top looks with the jacket,i will wear this jacket to death,trust me you will get sick of it.

emmmm emmm im going to dublin in saturday so emm hopefully loads of shopping,i cant wait to get some new wee bits,i really want a new pair of loafers as mine need to be chucked!

also if you are reading this and have noticed that i changed my blog around a bit...idk i thought with getting some new followers and new opportunities,i might do my blog up a bit and im pleased with the outcome
what do you think? 


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  1. Great scarf! Thank you for the message on IFB (i'm sorry I can't respond there my messaging seems not to be working). I'm now following with bloglovin. Great blog!