Wednesday, 8 August 2012

idk i had to cut my face off

jacket: zara
top & scarf: primark
jeans: new look
shoes: asos 

i could probably link you too the links but i really cbaaa,actually ill link you to my jacket   cause its fab..
today i got my mum to cut my hair! it sooo short from what im used too (i have it up because its odd looking)  yesterday it was below my bra line and now its above it :( but i need to remember in the long run this will help my hair as its in such bad condition.
and today i was at the opticians  to get my eyes tested again,dammm having short eye sight.

This was the second time i have tried to take these photos but the first time i was really unhappy with the way i looked in them,and then time well ehh i turned my camera upside down to get long ways photos..yeah i was also balancing my camera on a dust bin and say hello to my lane.