Thursday, 16 August 2012

college wishlist - ikea

ikea?! yes you eyes are still okay...i love interior design,its always something i wanted to do but its a very hard industry to get into..not that fashion isn't.
but i would love for my room to be done up,my room was never painted like all girly or i never really got to chose my own furniture,my parents had picked it for me and they picked pine,i HATE pine.

im sorry,these links wont be there but you can go to the ikea website,they aren't too hard to find.

i really like the whole white and black theme but with hints of colour,like candles or posters or pillows.
i do hope you like these as im having fun doing them! i have another asos one up and coming,i might finish it off tomorrow.
now im away to read some of my new books as i've changed my room up a little and i want to get an early night! more tomorrow!

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