Saturday, 18 August 2012

them days are overr

top - DIY 
jeans& shoes -primark 
jewellery-primark,topshop,river island,vinatge 

this was actually yesterdays post but i was back at like 12 so i didnt  couldn't  be borthered   really want to post it then.
i wore this out to the movie's and for dinner with  my boyfriend which was really nice, we saw the new bourne legacy movie,which was good but nothing like the one from a couple of years ago.

emm yeah i dont really know what to say,my outfit is pretty simple and i found my necklace that i adore the other day ( the one in the picture),funny that how your not looking for something and then suddenly you find it.


  1. I like this simple outfit of yours, the necklace is a nice touch
    Followed you through GFC, hope you can follow back :)

    1. thank you! its one of my favourite outfits and i love this necklace!
      your blog is beautiful! i just smiled the whole way through looking at your blog!
      victoria xx