Thursday, 16 August 2012

i find that some times

so today was results day for A level and that means my sister,woohoo,she did actually really well,so well done sis.
my results day is this time next week and tbh im not that worried,not in a way that i think ive done well because im pretty sure i havent but in a way that i dont care anymore,i just want to be rid of my old school.

top - primark

jeans- new look 
scarf- vinatge 

shoes -converse

sorry for the lack of photos,my camera decided to hate me today and go all blurry. I was wearing a jacket,they came with the blurry photos..silly silly camera.

today i got my glasses back after a week without them and stealing my sisters to watch tv muhahahah and le bf and i went for a mcdonalds,i also got FIVE new books,im quite happy,i love charity shops!

tonight we are having a Chinese to celebrate my sisters good grades.



  1. I keep wanting to get converse and this pic is yet another reason why! Loving the scarf too. Following you!


    1. ohymygosh! you should totally get converse! i really want another pair..maybe white haha thank you,its my mumma's
      just followed your blog too!
      victoria xx