Sunday, 6 October 2013

Yearly Boot Struggle

So its been a week since I last posted,but this has been such a busy week for me,I promise I will try better.

Every year I have this struggle to fine boots. I walk most places so shoes are an essential for me yet I can never seem to find a pair that I really like,I see everyone else rocking chelsea boots,boots with cut outs,gold capped boots,basically I have boot envy.
I picked these three out,I am in love with number 3 but they are topshop and a little bit too expensive for me!
Number two is the standard heeled chelsea boot,everyone and their dog had them last year,I  have tired a couple of pairs on and I like them yet I found them really stiff to walk in,these pair are from Missguided.
Number One, for some reason I started backwards,I dont know,anyways these boots are from New Look and I am leaning towards them a bit,I havent seen them in store or one their website,I found them on ASOS,give me a couple of days to see if I have bought them.

In a couple of weeks I am going to a County Dinner,which is basically a club dinner from everyone from different clubs from my county,I have a DIY idea that I want to do for the blog to shoe you how to change up your shoes so look out for that!

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