Sunday, 13 October 2013

what I've bought recently/what I've been up too

Primark (sale) £3
H&M (sale) £4
New Look (Sale)
NV (sale) £3

 H&M- £15 

This is what I've bought recently,the two tops are impulse buys but they are so nice I couldn't leave them in the store,I love the primark one,I cant wait to wear it with a statement necklace.
In my last post I was looking for boots and I found them, £25;s for real leather,cut outs and buckles,perfect,thank you new look sale
The heels are my find of the month,a mere £3's for these!! How good? they are a size 8 but I can walk in them fine,a little DIY will fix that no problem
The dress is something I have been looking at for a while now and I finally bought it,I'm going to a dinner on the 18th so I wanted something new for that but the dress is so short,I think I'm going to return it and see if I can get another size or a different one.

The last set of pictures are actually have been the past couple of months,between being involved in Grow South Antrim( that's why I went to Finland),learning to drive and getting in a new relationship,starting college again and doing UCAS,I've barley had time to breathe.
The first picture was waaaay back at Belfast Fashion Press Launch, I love this photo,I dont know why though. 
The 2nd,3rd and 4th is all GROW,its an organisation to do with Rural Development and I love being a part of it,I've joined Young Farmers,yep,if you don't know what that it,its basically a bunch of young farmers who have meeting every other Tuesday and have a laugh and its the best.

The 5th and last picture is my boy,his name is Adam and I dont know if he knows I blog but anyways,he is great.
I have been learning to drive over the past two months or so and I love it,its a lot of work and lots of concentration but its going to be so worth it! I cant wait until I pass my test!

I will try and make more of an effort to blog I promise.


  1. I love the boots! Also that Primark top is so unique i love it!


    1. Thank you! I haven't taken the boots off me xxx

  2. Love the primark top!! you're so adorable! xx