Monday, 12 August 2013

okay this time im back for real

Finland was amazing,like one of the best weeks of my life,i met so many nice people and Finland is such a beautiful country. I dont want to flood you guys with too many pictures and scenery's and landscapes but I will just show you these few.
My outfits in Finland were pretty simple,i didn't want any fuss,i just wanted comfort so I pretty much lived in shorts,leggings and tops and converse.

I milked a cow,was in a sauna,swam in the Baltic sea(which it literally was) caught a fish,camped in a army style tents( I wasn't made for camping or hiking) and many more,it was amazing to meet so many different people from Finland,France and Estonia,like who else has friends in Finland and Estonia?

I will be back to normal blogging with in the next few days,I have some make up posts I want to do because I recently treated myself  a MAC lipstick,yes yes I love it very much.

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