Sunday, 4 August 2013

annnd im away again!

Today I'm going to Finland! Im excited and nervous and the same time! I will have loaddds of travelling to do between now and tomorrow afternoon which im not looking forward to! 

This is the green top I will be wearing for this trip,green is not a good colour on anyone,although I do have a rather nice comfy hoodie which is going to be good for travelling,today im just wearing black leggings and converse and simple make up even though it doesn't look like it in the photo,god bless my webcam for being blurry.

I probably wont have outfit photos when im back,well I might but this isnt really a 'holiday' its more of a trip,like we will be doing activities and such,like hiking and camping out,yes im going to be camping,scared for my life!!

I'll speak to you all in a week!!

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  1. Have fun Victoria hope u enjoy camping it's great fun xxx