Wednesday, 14 August 2013

First MAC Lipstick

ohh yes,I now own a MAC lipstick and you are all probably think,what how does she not have one already but honestly I never thought much about it until I was at the airport on Sunday and in a bad mood so I decided to treat myself and this is what I walked away with and Im so in love!

Sorry I don't have any pictures of me wearing it, I haven't actually done my make up today so I'm in a zone of no go on the face photos.

The color is this lovely plum/red/dark pink that looks really natural on the lip which is what I wanted,I didn't want my first MAC lipstick to be a color I wouldn't wear everyday but this one defiantly is,I have worn it everyday since Sunday and I love it! It is a Luster which means its slightly glossy,or at least I think that what it means. The lipstick isn't on the MAC website so Im not too sure if you can buy it anymore,you might need to go into your local MAC store and see if its there!

The color lasts about 4 hours if you are talking,eating and drinking which you probably would be,but I think thats is fine as when I would go to the bathrooms I would normally top up my make up so putting lipstick on again is nothing new to me.

I cant wait to continue using this everyday and seeing how I can go from day  to night with this,I think its one of the shades that you could do this with by just adding darker eye shadow or more mascara to your look.

This would be my second MAC prouduct,the first one I bought back in last August(wow that long ago!) was a bronzer and I still love it!

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