Thursday, 15 August 2013

Belfast Fashion Week Press Launch A/W 2013

Today I was invited to go to the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast for the launch for BFW A/W,I took my sister as it was her results day and I wanted to take her around Belfast as she will be studying in Belfast.

It was such a lovely event,I went back in January,its amazing to see all the models and see faces that you see on twitter or facebook and then seeing them in real life you are like wow,its also a great chance to chat with the FABBers and meet new ones,those girls are amazing.
I loved the looks this season,tartan,dark colors,girl,leather,that is my style all together.
I didnt get any photos of my outfit but it was pretty basic,demin jacket,black cami,black midi,silver chain,and flats,yep no fuss Victoria but then you can't go wrong with simplicity can you? 

These dresses are from Junk Couture which is a competition in schools where you can make dresses from recycled items,the first dress was made from paper cups and the dress on the bottom right side is made from sheets of thin foam and tiny foam balls,can i get these girls to make my wedding dress? they are seriously amazing!

You can read more on Belfast Fashion Week and the schedule on!  

This is a wee photo I stole off Avril from SchoolGateStyle (hope you dont mind!) she is such a yummy mummy! Gemma-Lousie is from 'That Belfast Girl'  and Sara is from Belfast Beauty Love,they are both so lovely!

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  1. Was so so nice meeting you. You looked amazing!