Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekend Post

Subway,summer shoes,summery outfit 
college and you can see harland &wolf , OOTD post,trying to make my nails better 
FOTD post,MayFair time! college work 

This week have been alright,flew in yet again! Only one more week of college and I'm done! makes me scared and excited!
I have had three subways this week,yes three and I have no regrets at all,how can you not like subways?
If you live in Northern Ireland you have probably heard about the May Fair and if not,I'll give you the low down, it runs for a bout a week,the first day is like farming where you can buy cattle,sheep,horses etc. and then on like the 2nd &3rd day there is market stalls of like any description and the rest is a fun fair,which is basically lots of kids running around screaming,burger vans and rides such as the'top buzz' which you are dangling up side down for about 5 minutes,not my sort of ride. Leah and her sister and I went down on Wednesday night and it was really good fun to act like a kid again and the rides were all £1 so who could complain? 

Anywayssss thats all that really happened this week! My birthday is on Tuesday and I don't really want to do anything for it,I'm not a big birthday person,I don't like the fuss that surrounds it,am I just being really weird about this? or do other people feel like this too?

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  1. Nice pictures! :)

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