Wednesday, 1 May 2013

its May already!!

how can it be maaay??!!! its 27 days until my birthday,no hints guys...

jacket : new look
top: primark 
skirt: DIY 
shoes: converse 
bag: ebay 
nails: primark 
sunglasses: primark 

So today i was in town meeting friends for lunch and to do a bit of shopping,yes ladies who lunch.
i am in love with this skirt,i saw a picture of Kirsty Wears,wearing one(tongue twister or what?) and i knew i needed one in my life and so it happens i had a maxi skirt,a stitch unpick-er and a best friend with a sewing machine and this was made! i have worn it the past two days and im in love! it will be prefect for summer!

Most of these photos were taken by Leah,im getting less awkward in front of the camera when im around some one else,lets hope one day i could do it in the middle of the street! i have seemed to be picking this top up quite a lot recently and this black and a bit of colour,i have started using this bag an ex got me a while ago,when i first wore it the other day my mum was like 'oh you are using *****'s bag' (not using his name) no mother,im using a bag,just because an ex bought you a item of clothing doesnt mean you have to stop wearing it when you break up. I am wanting to use alot smaller bags for some reason,i love my big bag but i feel as if its too bulky for summer now,im on the look out for that perfect size bag! i have seen some Zara ones i would love!

i need to start wearing more colour so hopefully tomorrow you will see some! 

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  1. Stunning look! :D

    xx MJ