Tuesday, 21 May 2013

early bird catches the worm

No you arent seeing thing,Miss Victoria actually has two blog post up!

Jacket : Primark but bought down south
Top: Primark
Jeans: DIY
Shoes: Primark
Necklace : Primark 

Okay so I didn't realise most of my outfit was from primark,whoops!
Im not too happy with these photos today,I don't know what im hand is doing in the top one,just chillin'

Isn't this jacket amazing?! It was bought when myself ,Leah and my family went down to Galway a couple of weeks ago,Leah and I both bought one!it was less that 10 euros which is amazing! it look really expensive,I know it might not be to everyone's taste (my sister said it looked like a carpet,gee thanks.) but I really love it and its taking me out of my comfort zone, I never wear print but I still get to wear black so im happy.

I feel like im just rambling but I am! I don't think my brain has kicked in yet or maybe I'm not functioning properly this morning,I seemed to have got dressed okay?
I have two weeks left of college and that scares me,no 1,all the work that I need to do and no 2, is that how much I have loved college and I don't want it too stop,Im so much happier when I go to college and its less painful to wake up in the morning knowing you are going to place you enjoy being in.

Okay so my eyes are hurting so Im going to finish off getting ready and make my bed,exciting tasks! I hope you guys have a lovely Tuesday!

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  1. Love the jacket! :D

    xx MJ