Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Brithday Wishlist

ASOS Oversized Round Sunglasses 

So its a week until my birthday,I will be 17 which Im sad and happy about,I like that  I wont really be a child and wont be regarded as the young little girl any more but at the same time I like telling people I'm 16 and see how their faces go into complete shock,try it some time,its the best fun.

I know for sure I will be getting the Tan Smile tote handbag because I have been wanting it since about Christmas,I'm just not sure what colour? I want to get it off MozzyPop because the owner is a fellow blogger and why shouldn't I support bloggers instead of the ebay sellers? and this way I know where it is coming from!

I love these Nike's so much,you guys all know my obsession with Nike Blazers,I still love them but these are being my new obsession because they give that sports luxe yet still dressed up,I think its beaut!

I put in a Learners sign,I personally cant wait to drive,I probably wouldn't of said that about 6 months ago though but being on your own changes a lot and I cant wait for my own independence,i HATE relying on other people.
I think in the UK its a big thing when you turn 17/18 you learn to drive,its the 'done' thing,well it is where I live any ways.

The sunglasses,I dont want these actual ones,I just think they are pretty,but the reason I put them in there is because I want to get prescription sunglasses for holidays,I hate being not able to see far way when im not wearing my glasses and who wants to wear glasses AND sunglasses at the same time? My dad recently got a pair which has made me want a pair even more!

Overall I think I'm just getting money,I don't really know what I want myself,these are just the things I would really like.

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