Sunday, 13 January 2013

weekend wishlist

so im going to start doing my weekend wishlists again,you excited?
this is just a sum up of what i have been wanting or wishful thinking of what i wanted this weekend!

1- i wanted the real techniques brushes i couple of weeks ago,but i seen these boots as they caught my eye because of how they are so freaking bright,i find if i have black brushes i cant find them in my make up bag but wel..i wouldnt lose these.

- Zara studded bag,how perfect but at £60 i might wait for the sale,its just so darn pretty! and well who doesnt love the zara bags?

so christmas and new years is well and truly over yet my house has some how still has one of our trees up,yes we are that lazy.
i still cant get over that we are in 2013,i remember 2010 and everyone thinking that was a big deal.double figures and how are we going to say it,two thousand and ten or twenty ten? they all seem so insignificant now ,how time flies when you are having fun,eh?

i hope you all have had a good weekend! 

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