Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kiss boys and make them cry: MUA Review

so on thursday i bought the MUA Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette and well...i was excited to wake up on friday so i could put eye shadow on..normal right?

this palette is the most shimmery/glittery palette probably known to man and at £4 it can roll with it. I love MUA,I have seen it grow into something thats not to be messed with and i love it!

MUA website £4.00 

this is what MUA say about this product..

Heaven and Earth is the ultimate neutrals palette containing everything you need to create your gorgeous natural look. Sweep a light colour under the eyebrows and on the top of the eyelid before simply brushing over any one of the beautiful bronze shades over the lid for the easiest, foolproof natural neutral eye! (Try saying that quickly!) This palette usually sells out in the blink of an eye so if you can see this page it's probably worth sticking one in your basket as soon as possible!

and they are so right! i love this palette and everything about it,i have been thinking of buying the urban decay naked two palette and now i don't really feel as if i need to because of this,so thank you MUA for saving me £30's.
now im not really a make up artist or even good with a make up brush so im not going to sit here and pretend i know what im talking about,because i haven't a clue.i like this palette,the colours are good,they stay bright all day and last all day too,which in my mind is a bonus who can be bortherd with re applying and re applying make up all day?   

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