Sunday, 7 October 2012

weekend wishlist

1-  so i have been thinking of getting a beanie for a while now,ive seen ones with the bobble on the ends but i dont know if that would annoy me or not...i think it might,but this one i like alot.
beanie's are just so cute for the winter and can add a splash of colour to an all black outfit,if like me you wear black all the time

2 - i saw these shoes yesterday while i was out shopping and they dont look nice in the picture but OH MY how they look go on! if i dont say so myself,my legs looked unreal! i need to buy them ASAP,im not one for heels but again this colour is soo nice and it would look great with a tan orr a cheeky fake one ;)

3- i saw this book on tumblr and i love the idea,i think its soo cute,really tempted to see if my college libary has it and read it..probably not though,if you are having a bad day,just pop this in your bag and smile :)

i like the colour wine,okay? its just an autumn colour.


  1. I need this book! Looks like a good read! :) x

    1. It does,doesn't it? It would realy change your out look on life :) xx

  2. I need a new Beanie this year, I left mine on the Tube when I was at imats :( was my fave!!!