Tuesday, 9 October 2012

fanta lemon is an all round good drink

top : new look 
jacket/ hoodie/jeans : primark 
shoes : faith 
scarf : asos

excuse my third photo,im looking seriously quite tubby
I GOT MY STRIPY TOP!! after months of looking for one and when i was in new look the other i saw this one for £6,its not the best of material,i like my tops to be kinda stretchy and you could stretch this one but it would stay stretched..idk what im talking about.

its Tuesday and im already exhausted,ugh i cant wait for Halloween,im going to sleep for three days.
Belfast fashion week is this time next week and i have applied for volunteering with a friend so im hoping i get a day to run about Belfast and watch everything that happens in fashion week...it wont be as big as LFW or PFW

also I REACHED 40 FOLLOWERS YAY to some of you that might not be a big number but for me that makes me soo happy,thank you dolls :)

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