Sunday, 2 September 2012

weekend wishlist

whoops,topshop you are my new fave shop! i just wish i had the money to shop in there all the time!

1- disco tregging,the infamous Disco Pants copies at £28 pounds these break the bank a little less and im going to get day

2-for some reason i have a new obsession with a pencil skirt and topshop seem to be doing the only decent ones,tut tut primark! you have failed me,i think it would look really cute with converse and slouchy tops and jackets.

3- how lovely is this! im not sure how nice it would look on but i think its lovely,i love the sheer sleeves,its an alternaitive to wearing denim shirts and for someone like me who doesn't like them,well i like this alot.

4- i have been searching for a pair of theses booties for a while now and these are quite nice,i just think they would be really cute for winter.

5 - so em these boots were on my saved images and i accidentally clicked on them when i was trying to get number 4's image and i feel for them,i just dont know what they are called or what shop they are out of,im im guessing its topshop,as they look very topshop-ish so i have found links for smiallar ones- here or here 

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