Friday, 31 August 2012

ive never met anyone like this

 top: H&M
jackte,hoodie,pumps: primark
leggings: topshop
bag: new look
drink: fanta icee

so this is just a really causal outfit,more of warmth and comfort to be honset,ITS SO COLD TODAY OMG
i got out of the shower and died! WHY?!

i really like how this looks all together,it was sort of just a thrown on clothing and this is what it looked like and i do like,its my style completely.
also this is what i probably would wear to college every day so expect this sort of thing from now on! how excited are you guys now?

i am going to galway this weekend with my family as my dad is working down there and my mumma thinks it will be a good idea for us to spend three hours in a car all together..great thinking mumma,but never the less there is primark (or pennys if you are from ireland) down there and well yeah new clothes for college.
more tomorrow!

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  1. You're such a wee cutie!! Love the shoes!