Friday, 21 September 2012

Veuxdoo A/W

Veuxdoo,i recently discovered this brand over twitter and i have actually become to love it,i find their clothing range is current and edgy which in my books is a winner all round,the jewellery on the site is totes amazing.

I was sent two pictures of their vintage skirts for their new A/W range and i have to say,i really do like them,for me i prefer the darker one being a person who instantly goes to anything black in a shop( i swear im not an emo)  would be to go for the darker one but having first opened the pink one,i am quite in love with the colours and the print on it,how nice would this skirt be for a evening with a white top and sandals for twirling around streets,audrey style .

they are both high wasted and i suppose you could lower them down to were them as maxi skirts if you were short enough for it,but i like wearing skirts hig wasted,you are meant to flaunt your curves with skirts.
you could wear these two skirts with very simple items as they have so much print on them,it would look over dressed

overall i really do like thses two skirts,i think they are great for all shapes and sizes and have that perfect mix of  autumn winter transitional dressing.
i will definitely be buying some of their items in the near future! i seriously love this top! 

why not check there website out?
ohh and follow their twitter and like their facebook page! 

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