Sunday, 23 September 2012

if i had the money..weekend wishlist

1- this is out of new look and its £12.99 and i really do like it! its kinda like perfect,it looks so comfy!
2 i have seen this top around zara for the last copuple of weeks and im am in serious love,dip dye,studs,its beaut!
- i mentioned these in this post and i have just found out they are £7 WHAT?! i really really really want them now but unfortanly they are sold out :( weep weep.

so its sunday again and i haven't done one of these posts in ages! its been so long and i do enjoy them.
this weekend i have just spent it with my boyfriend and sleeping which was super lovely.
i have some college work to do and them im going to watch the x factor,cant wait!


  1. I have that top from Zara, I love the color and the studs, and it's perfect if you buy a size L because it's warm and can be worn with jeans and flats when you can't be asked to pull a complex outfit together but still look good.

    1. I'm soo jelous! It look so warm and cosy! Ugh now I really really really want it! Haha

  2. Such a beautiful dress, the design and the fabric combo. Makes me want to be a little girl again so I could wear this . And twirl around with pride!