Thursday, 13 September 2012

rule that crowd

jacket,top,scarf,shoes - primark
jeans - new look

this week is nearly finished and but has it been good and also long,life is looking good though

today outfit was just a through on one as i woke up 15 minutes before i had to leave,good one victoria and it was also freezing today! i seriously need to get some warm clothes,i was in primark today and i saw the cutest boots at £15,i cant stop thinking about them,i bet when i go in on saturday they wont be in my size,PRIMARK WHY YOU NO ONLINE SHOP.

tomorrow is friday..duhh and im in until 1.30 i think. more tomorrow!


  1. Primark were talking about starting an online store, actually praying they do!!! I need those wee studded pumps. too cute! xx

    1. Me too!!! Oh my word that needs to happen!
      I love them! Xx