Saturday, 15 September 2012

if i had £100 to spend in new look


Cameo Rose Black High Waisted Pocket Legging : £14.99 

Grey Thin Knit 3/4 Sleeve Jumper : £14.99 

Black PU Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt: £19.99 

White Skull Print Vest : £9.99 

Blue Supersoft Skinny Jeans :£19.99 

Wide Fit Beige Bow Trim Pumps : £15.99 

as i said up there ^ this isnt sponsored,i haven't been asked to do this,this is just me
i like new look for types of clothes like college clothes because they are cheap and last long,you get the best of both worlds i find.

this all works out about 96 pounds or so and for 6 items of clothing that isnt bad.
i do love that skull top and the shoes,they are complete opposites but i do love them and the disco pant look alike im really interested in and for only £15 pounds that really inst bad although they are out of stock online,i would personally rather buy them on line as the stores over in northern ireland might not stock as much of them but i might have a look around town to see if there is any.

i am still trying to look for that perfect pair of jeans and jumper that can throw on and still look good and i do like the ones i have picked,the 3/4 sleeve jumper looks like something you would get out of topshop and the jeans also but for probably half the price! see best of both worlds.

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