Wednesday, 18 July 2012

what sunglasses im bringing on hols


so these are the two pairs of sunglasses im bringing on holiday.

photos are cute right? these aren't for real.

onto the sunglasses,im pretty sure you have seen these Amazon sunnies here  but never the less i love them and so does my dad... they are just really cute and easy to wear,i find when wearing sunglasses the wee but at the nose,like the grippy thingy..? hurts the top of my nose and so im quite picky but these are fine with me OH AND ALSO some sunglasses  go really close to my eye lashes and i can feel them when I blink and well yeah..rant over.

HOW CUTE ARE MY NEW SUNGLASSES(top ones) they are so retro and funky and again i have still them weird things about t

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